Neoden 3V Advanced


Neoden 3V Standard

44 tape feeders (all in 8mm)
Standard Configuration:
Left Side: 8mm=18pcs, 12mm=4pcs, 16mm=1pcs
Back Side: 8mm=15pcs,12mm=2pcs, 16mm=2pcs

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Most economical pick and place with dual camera vision system! Dual heads, places 0402 to TQFP100. 46 tape feeders, 5 vibration feeders, and 10 tray feeders. Can place 3500 chips per hour with vision enabled, or 5000 chips per hour without vision correction.

Why the Neoden 3V?
Two high-precision placement heads with +180/-180 rotation.
Vision based pick and place at a very good price. Blows the competition away!
User friendly interface so you don’t need an SMT engineer.
US based support on East Coast so you don’t need to worry about making support calls at midnight.

Machine Style: Single gantry with 2 heads
Alignment: Stage Vision
Placement Rate: 3,500CPH Vision on/5,000CPH Vision off
Feeder Capacity: 46*Tape feeder(all 8mm), 5*Vibration feeder, 10* IC Tray
Component Range: Smallest Size: 0402(01005 inch), Largest Size: TQFP100
(Lead Pitch 0.5mm)
Max Component Height: 5mm
Rotation: +180/-180
Placement Accuracy: ±0.02mm
Max Board Dimension(mm): 320 x 390mm
Numbers of Pumps: 3
Operation System: WindowsXP-NOVA
Electricity Supply: 110V/220V
Power: 160~200W
External Dimensions(mm): 820(L)x680(W)x410(H)
Net Weight: 60KG

Standard Accessories:
1)Pick and Place Machine NeoDen3V-A: 1
2)PCB support bar: 4 units
3)PCB support pin: 8 units
4)Electromagnet: 1 pack
5)Needle: 2 sets
6)Allen wren set: 1
7)Tool box: 1 unit
8)Cleaning needle: 3 units
9)Power cord: 1 unit
10)Double side adhesive tape: 1 set
11) Silicon tube: 0.5m
12)Fuse(1A): 2 units
13)8G flash drive: 1 unit
14)Reel holder stand:1 set
15)Nozzle rubber 0.3mm: 5 units
16)Nozzle rubber 1.0mm: 5 units
17) Vibration feeder: 1 unit

Additional information

Weight 112 kg
Dimensions 82 x 68 x 41 cm


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