Neoden 4 with Internal Rails


Neoden 4 with PCB Feed Rails

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Number of Heads with Vision enabled: 4
Placement Rate:10000PCS/H (vision off) 5000PCS/H (vision on)
Feeder Capacity:Tape Reel Feeders:48  (Feeders are not included and must be ordered separately.)
Tape width: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm
Vibration Feeders:5
IC Tray Capacity:5
Component sizes with vision:Smallest Component size:0201 Largest
Component size:TQFP240
Applicable Components:0201,BGA,SOIC,SSOP,QFN,TQFP,Led
Component,Diode,Triode,Tack Switch
Component Height Maximum:5mm
Resolution X/Y axis:0.01mm Z axis:0.1mm
Rotation: /-180(360)
Positioning Accuracy: /-0.02mm
X-Y repeatability: /-0.02mm
Applicable PCB area:350mm*400mm
Placement Area:310*400mm(without waffle Tray) 140*400mm(With 1
waffle Tray)
Main Control:GUI
Power Supply:220V, 50Hz (available in 110V?
External Dimensions:Machine:87*68*48CM
Packing size:94*74*60CM
Net Weight:60KGS Gross weight:80Kgs

Included items
1) Pick and Place Machine NeoDen4: 1
2) Nozzle: Totally 6
(XN07=2, XN14=2,XN40=1,XN22=1)
3) 8G Flash Drive: 1
4) Power Cord(5M): 1
5) Video training course: 1
6) Double Sided Adhesive Tape: 2
7)Allen wrench Set:5
8)Tool Box:1
9)Reel holder stand:1
10)Vibration Feeder:1
11)Rail Extension Parts:4
12)User Manual:1


Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 94 x 74 x 60 cm


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